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Old May 24th, 2020, 08:02 AM
Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3075 SIALID voting time


Sixteen definitions of SIALID follow. One is correct. The rest are your inventions. They have been edited slightly for format consistency and are in ascending order of character count. That might not correspond to visual length in your email display font. (A few look out of order in mine, but I trust Excel to count characters correctly.)

Please vote for two you like for any reason by Reply to this message before the deadline that follows the list. If you realize now that you know what SIALID means, let me know me by private email to emallach (AT) verizon (DOT) net <mailto:emallach (AT) verizon (DOT) net>.

1. a convert to Islam.

2. [Archaic] bristling; rough.

3. an elixir granting immortality.

4. having a smooth, shiny exoskeleton.

5. of the viscosity of saliva, usually applied only to grazing animals.

6. a neuropterous insect of the family Sialidae, comprising the alderflies.

7. [Ireland] (musical) entertainment; pleasant diversion, amusement [< Ir.]

8. a braid or trimming of worsted, silk or rayon tinsel, gold or silver, etc.

9. a white crystalline compound used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic.

10. a family of tropical fish, originally from Africa but commonly found in aquaria.

11. a member of an Islamic sect who believe that Mohammed was taken up bodily into Heaven.

12. [Zool.] a species of louse (Pediculus sialidi), which sometimes infests the human body and clothes.

13. a very fancy salad made with items found in springtime. It was first made at Stewart International Airport (SIA) in 1985.

14. any member of the phylum Sialida, deepwater marine vertebrates similar in appearance to eels, but with prominent horny protuberances.

15. one of a genus of large, flightless Old World insects in the family Stenopelmatidae, most closely related to crickets, and largely extinct.

16. a print made by using any flat surface, with any texture, and by inking the plate with intaglio ink using a paintbrush, roller or some combination..

Votes are due 48 hours from now: Tuesday, May 26, at 9 am US EDT. According to timeanddate.com <http://timeanddate.com/>, that is:

and other times in other places. Please check any time conversion that applies to you. That site is good, but nobody's perfect.

New players are welcome to vote, as are old friends who didn't submit a definition. The only requirement is that you not know what the word means. Full rules at http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules <http://www.dixonary.net/game-rules-and-advice/rules> .

Vote away!


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