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Old April 16th, 2022, 11:02 AM
John Barrs
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Default [Dixonary] Rbd 3245 Vote for BADGER

Dear Folks
A few but significant set of defs for you-all to consider

Public Votes by 400pm BST Monday


1 one who quibbles over trivia

2 *Brit.* In full: *blue-badger. *The holder of a blue badge,
a permit issued by local government to occupy on-street parking-spaces
reserved for the disabled, to park on yellow lines, and free of charge at
parking meters; a vehicle so parked

3 n. *Informal* one who wears a badge for part of his or her
work. At the airport, the security guard was seen hanging out with the
other badgers in the coffee shop

4 a defensive construction of sharpened sticks embedded in the
ground at an angle, intended to fend off a cavalry charge

5 a person who collects badges

6 in medieval warfare, a soldier owing permanent allegiance to
a lord (and wearing his badge), not a mercenary

7 a stranger hired to impersonate friends, family members or
other acquaintances, as a way to save face at social functions where
plus-ones are expected

8 an archaic English term for a dealer in food

9 a single-masted fishing vessel of the Levant

10 Slang name for melaxuma, a disease of trees, especially
walnuts, characterized by black and white cankers which resemble a badger’s

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