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Old November 8th, 2020, 09:43 AM
Tony Abell
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3118 - FOTCH Defs Up

Find below 13 definitions of fotch, one of which comes from a dictionary. The
remainder come from the fertile imaginations of the players.

Vote for two by way of a public response to this message before the deadline.
You may vote even if you did not submit a definition, but you may NOT vote if you
are disqualified (see the rules at http://www.dixonary.net). The voting deadline
shall be:

Tuesday, 07:00am EST (New York) 10-Nov-2020
Tuesday, 04:00am PST (San Francisco) 10-Nov-2020
Tuesday, 12:00pm GMT (London) 10-Nov-2020
Tuesday, 01:00pm CET (Brussels) 10-Nov-2020
Tuesday, 11:00pm AEDT (Melbourne) 10-Nov-2020
Tuesday 2020-11-10 1200Z


1. A smugly virtuous person.

2. Fetch

3. A hole in the inside of a wooden wheel rim, into which the end of a spoke
is inserted.

4. To move anything a little way from its former place; to lift and lay down
again; to touch a thing frequently.

5. The metal coupling holding together the gears in a clock or other large
clockwork device.

6. Malintent.

7. A candle made of the pith of certain rushes, peeled except on one side, and
dipped in grease.

8. The burrow of a badger, usu. characterized by a large mound of dirt around
the entrance.

9. [Devon dial.] a hay rake.

10. [Arch. Obs.] a unit of light - the product of brightness and duration (Used
by early photographers; 1 fotch is 1 lumen shining for 1 second).

11. A compost heap [OE].

12. A pivoted piece on a helmet between a visor and a beaver.

13. To fidget.

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