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Old June 26th, 2022, 04:01 PM
Tim Lodge
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Default Re: [Dixonary] Round 3261 DYSANIA results


I hate to pick holes in your results, but I think you've mixed up Tony Abel
and me. Def 2 (inability to sit still) was mine, so the three votes for
that def plus the two points for voting for the real one would give me an
unnatural 5 points and - unfortunately - give me the next deal. Dan, you'd
better hold on until this is sorted out.

-- Tim L

On Sunday, 26 June 2022 at 21:29:03 UTC+1 efrem.... (AT) gmail (DOT) com wrote:

> Folks,
> *DYSANIA* is the (to many people) unbelievable condition of being
> genuinely unable to leave one's bed, despite the absence of a physical
> condition that prevents it: def. #3. John Barrs was DQ when the word was
> announced and Paul Keating found that he knew it when he saw the list. In
> addition, Messrs. Lodge, Shefler and Widdis voted for it, giving me a D3.
> The next dealer is the aforementioned Dan Widdis, the only player to earn
> four points, for his difficulty in moving. (Many of the definitions picked
> up on the "dys" prefix to refer to a medical condition of some sort.)
> Runner-up and traditional "winnah" honors are shared by John Barrs and Tony
> Abell, both of whom scored natural 3s. (Since nobody scored three points
> with the aid of a correct guess, I can avoid mentioning "unnatural" scores.
> Except that I just did.)
> In my previous deal, I noted a correlation between the length of a
> definition and the number of votes it received. A brief discussion on that
> topic followed. For what it's worth, the correlation between length and
> votes in this deal was only 17.4%: not enough to conclude that there's a
> connection. The chart, with the trendline, is pasted at the bottom of this
> email.
> Full results:
> 1. the peak of sleep saturation. From Embler, D. who voted 2, 5. Voted for
> by: Bourne, T. Score: 1.
> 2. inability to sit still without fidgeting. From Abell, T. who did
> not vote. Voted for by: Embler, D.; Widdis, D.; Madnick, J. Score: 3.
> 3. extreme, often chronic, inability to leave one's bed. From Dictionary
> which could not vote. Voted for by: Shefler, M.; Widdis, D.; Lodge, T.
> Score: D3.
> 4. a state of extreme calmness, sometimes mistaken for catatonia. From
> Naylor, S. who voted 10, 11. Voted for by: Bourne, T. Score: 1.
> 5. freedom from disturbance of mind or passion; stoical indifference. From
> Keating, P. who was DQ. Voted for by: Embler, D. Score: 1.
> 6. a medicinal plant used by Native Americans to alleviate heat stress.
> From Shefler, M. who voted *3*, 11. Voted for by: None. Score: 2.
> 7. a chronic condition of listlessness, characterized by lack of energy or
> sexual desire. From Mallach, A. who did not vote. Voted for by: Fein, D.
> Score: 1.
> 8. an inability or difficulty in moving, particularly during the state
> between dreaming and waking. From Widdis, D. who voted 2, *3*. Voted for
> by: Fein, D.; Lodge, T. Score: 4.
> 9. the process of transferring pictures or designs printed on
> specially prepared paper to materials such as glass or metal. From Madnick,
> J. who voted 2, 11. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.
> 10. [med.] a distinctive facial expression or appearance associated with a
> specific neurological condition (e.g., Parkinson's) or genetic syndrome
> (e.g., Marfan's). From Fein, D. who voted 7, 8. Voted for by: Naylor, S.
> Score: 1.
> 11. 1. a species of small moth in the family Noctuidae, D. incurvata,
> found in tropical woodlands in S E Asia; 2. a genus of 5 species of
> single-celled algae in the family Cryptophyceae living in fresh or brackish
> water with a palaearctic distribution. From Barrs, J. who was DQ. Voted for
> by: Naylor, S.; Shefler, M.; Madnick, J. Score: 3.
> No definition from Bourne, T. who voted 1, 4. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.
> No definition from Lodge, T. who voted *3*, 8. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 2.
> .
> As a table, with tied scores in random order:
> Efrem

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