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Old May 13th, 2018, 10:24 AM
Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2893 (AMADAVAT) results

Fellow players,

After a few rounds, the deal returns to Nancy Shepherdson for her unaware Hebrew incompetent (#12) with five points. Second place and traditional "winnah" honors are shared by Dave Cunningham (#5), Ryan McGill (#7) and Mike Shefler (#10), with three points each.

Should anyone be curious, this is an amadavat:

Full results:

1. a former lover. From Lodge, T. who voted 3, 10. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

2. a financially unreliable bank. From Stevens, G. who voted 4, 12. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

3. an unfavorable remark; a criticism. From Carson, C. who did not vote. Voted for by: Lodge, T. Score: 1.

4. a person who maintains another's wardrobe. From Abell, T. who did not vote. Voted for by: Stevens, G.; Shefler, M. Score: 2.

5. a small coin of Assam from the 16th century. From Cunningham, D. who voted *6*, 11. Voted for by: Naylor, S. Score: 3.

6. the strawberry finch, also known as the red waxbill. From Dictionary which could not vote. Voted for by: Cunningham, D.; Shepherdson, N. Score: D2.

7. a Moroccan beverage made from twice-fermented loquat fruit. From McGill, R. who voted 10, 12. Voted for by: Madnick, J.; Bourne, T.; Widdis, D. Score: 3.

8. prolonged complaint; angry or cautionary harangue; lamentation. From Madnick, J. who voted 7, 15. Voted for by: Hale, K. Score: 1.

9. in pre-Imperial India, a roadside lodging-house managed by the local ruler. From Bourne, T. who voted 7, 15. Voted for by: Naylor, S. Score: 1.

10. a special sect of Buddhism open only to Thai royalty; a priest of that sect. From Shefler, M. who voted 4, 12. Voted for by: Lodge, T.; McGill, R.; Shepherdson, N. Score: 3.

11. a kind of household vessel for brewing beer or storing water. [Fr. "a dame vat"] From Barrs, J. who was DQ. Voted for by: Cunningham, D.; Widdis, D. Score: 2.

12. [Heb.] someone who is certain they are competent to do something when they are not. From Shepherdson, N. who voted *6*, 10. Voted for by: Stevens, G.; McGill, R.; Shefler, M. Score: 5.

13. a sailing navigation instrument that measures wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity and wind chill. From Dixon, S. who did not vote. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

14. liable to impression from without; easily affected; also, readily moved or affected by natural agents; delicate. From Widdis, D. who voted 7, 11. Voted for by: Hale, K. Score: 1.

15. a decorative edging of cut work or vandyking, esp. on a collar, sleeve, or ruff. Also: a type of wide collar decorated in this way, fashionable in the early 17th cent. From Naylor, S. who voted 5, 9. Voted for by: Madnick, J.; Bourne, T. Score: 2.

No definition from Hale, K. who voted 8, 14. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.

And a Happy Mother's Day to anyone who is, has, or once had a mother.

It's all yours, Nancy!


P.S. While Tony Abell got the original call for definitions - he must have, he submitted one - the voting list was returned as undeliverable for three tries plus one by Google Groups. Does anyone know of a problem there or have an alternate email address for him?


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