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Old December 4th, 2018, 02:07 PM
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2943 -- Clepsydras -- Results

I am going to need help declaring a winner as there is a 4 way tie.
Apparently my real definition sounded too real! Here are the results:

Game 2943 -- Definitions:

*Written by:*

Voted for by:


1. (Geom.) One of the portions of a curve that extends outwards to an
indefinitely great distance; as, the branches of an hyperbola.

Daniel Widdis


2. [Egypt Middle Kingdom] An early name for Thebes (later Luxor).

Dave Cunningham -- +2*

Mike Shefler


3. A carnivorous plant native to the tropical wetlands of Brazil, Bolivia
and Paraguay.

Shani Naylor -- +2*

Judy Madnick, Guerri Stevens


4. The sound of an under-ground stream (literally 'hidden water').

Johnny Barrs --+2*

Guerri Stevens, Keith Hale


5. A form of Greek lyric poetry in the Aeolic family, characterized by
strophe and epode having the same metrical pattern.

Efrem Mallach -- DQ

Daniel Widdis, Tm Lodge, Tony Abell


6. An ancient device that measured time by marking the regulated flow of
water through a small opening.


Shani Naylor, Johnny Barrs, Dave Cunningham, Keith Hale, Tony Abell,
Christopher Carson


7. (Also honeydew) A sweet and sticky secretion of certain caterpillars
such as the Japanes oak blue caterpillar [Narathura japonica].

Tim Bourne


8. A tropical disease spread by the larvae of the tumbu fly, causing liver
damage in humans.

Tim Lodge

Judy Madnick


9. A mermaid.

Guerri Stevens

Daniel Widdis, Tim Bourne, Christopher Carson


10. An evergreen shrub of warm, arid regions that has trailing or climbing
stems and tiny, scale like leaves.

Judy Madnick

Mike Shefler, Johnny Barrs


11. A venereal disease caused by the bacterium _Haemophilus ducreyi_ and
characterized by chancres on the genitalia and proximal areas.

Mike Shefler


12. [Volcanology] A deep magma subduction zone.

Keith Hale -- +2*

Shani Naylor, Dave Cunningham


13. A series of symbolic body postures and hand movements used in Classical
Greek dance.

Christopher Carson -- +2*

Tim Bourne, Tim Lodge


-- no def

Tony Abell -- +2*


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