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Old November 28th, 2018, 10:10 AM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary] time to vote: Round 2942 - _Haverhill Fever_

Doing this in a rush in a noisy place, tiny screen.....

I'll post the voting deadline later, 36 hours from now, 10pm Texas,

1> A combined foot- and horse-race run in Haverhill, Massachusetts,
traditionally on Sadie Hawkins Day (November 15).

2> The gentrification of poorer rural areas in New England; named for
Haverhill, Massachusetts, which saw an extreme population explosion after
the 2007 housing crisis.

3> An infectious disease of cattle first identified in Haverhill,
Wisconsin, characterized by high fever, anemia, and emaciation and
caused by parasitic protozoans of the genus Babesia that
are transmitted by ticks.

4> Lingering reference to events in the Adirondacks in which college age
freshman females suddenly began to go without undergarments.

5> [Mass. slang] Public drunkenness (from Haverhill Township having ten
taverns as early as 1685).

6> Deceptive or manipulative humbug.

7> [Colloq.] Fan enthusiasm for Haverhill Rovers F.C. of the Eastern
Counties League (England). (Coined by writer Hannah Dolman of the Haverhill

8> The urge to invest in a get rich quick scheme despite knowing that the
returns are too good to be true (named after a town in New Jersey where a
ponzi scheme was perpetrated in the 1970s).

9> Feigned illness on the part of workers as an act of protest.

10> An "illness" of those who rush for the latest fad without checking its

11> Another term for Erythema anthriticum epidemicum. Named after
Haverhill, Massachusetts, where an epidemic broke out in 1926 and it was
first recognized as a separate bacterial disease caused by the Haverhillia

12> A form of fever recurring in paroxysms which are preceded by chills.
It is of malarial origin.

13> Extreme enthusiasm for a political party or cause.

14> [Hist. 1745] a panic driven response to the Huron massacre - [see
Fenimore Cooper "Last of the Mohicans"]

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