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Old February 9th, 2021, 03:47 PM
Daniel B. Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3141: KRIMMER Results

As most of you guessed, the etymology of *krimmer* derives from Crimea.
However, twice as many of you guessed at Paul Keating's fur-lined hat (#1)
than identified the fur itself (#2) as the true definition, leaving me with
a D3 and Paul with 6 points and the deal. He may or may not enjoy a Basque
IPA with his newfound responsibilities.

Alan Mallach's know-it-all takes coveted "real winner" status with 5 votes.

1. a gray fur hat with ear-flaps introduced to England by soldiers
returning from the Crimean War
Submitted by: Paul Keating, who didn't vote and scored 6
Votes from: Debbie Embler, Mike Shefler, Judy Madnick, Efrem Mallach,
Dave Cunningham, Deorah Fein

2. Tightly curled gray or black fur made from the wool of young Crimean
Submitted by: Oxford (Lexico.com), and scored D3
Votes from: John Barrs, Mike Shefler, Dave Cunningham

3. A method for hair straightening using hot combs and emollient creams.
Submitted by: Debbie Embler, who voted for 1 & 13 and scored 0
Votes from: Nobody

4. a flat, heavy shovel used by road crews to fill potholes.
Submitted by: Mike Shefler, who voted for 1 & 2 and scored 0 + 2 = 2
Votes from: Nobody

5. (Ger.) A spread made from bacon lard.
Submitted by: Shani Naylor, who voted for 12 & 13 and scored 1
Votes from: Tim Bourne

6. a promiscuous woman.
Submitted by: Judy Madnick, who voted for 1 & 14 and scored 0
Votes from: Nobody

7. a yoke for oxen.
Submitted by: Tim Bourne, who voted for 5 & 13 and scored 0
Votes from: Nobody

8. An ice scraper.
Submitted by: Tony Abell, who voted for 12 & 14 and scored 1
Votes from: Ryan McGill

9. A maker of pipes.
Submitted by: Nancy Shepherdson, who didn't vote and scored 1
Votes from: Alan Mallach

10. An industrial packaging machine.
Submitted by: Tim Lodge, who voted for 12 & 13 and scored 1
Votes from: Alan Mallach

11. [Often spelled with a single M] Hoarfrost
Submitted by: John Barrs, who voted for 2 & 14 and scored 1 + 2 = 3
Votes from: Ryan McGill

12. An accomplice who distracts the intended victim of a pickpocket.
Submitted by: Efrem Mallach, who voted for 1 & 13 and scored 4
Votes from: Shani Naylor, Tony Abell, Tim Lodge, Deorah Fein

13. (from Ger.) a vainglorious person, a boaster; (Yiddish) a know-it-all.
Submitted by: Alan Mallach, who voted for 9 & 10 and scored 5
Votes from: Debbie Embler, Shani Naylor, Tim Bourne, Tim Lodge, Efrem

14. [Swiss German] an error, “spilt milk” (from Fr. “creme mer”, a sea of
Submitted by: Dave Cunningham, who voted for 1 & 2 and scored 3 + 2 = 5
Votes from: Judy Madnick, Tony Abell, John Barrs

No Def.
Submitted by: Deorah Fein, who voted for 1 & 12 and scored 0

No Def.
Submitted by: Ryan McGill, who voted for 8 & 11 and scored 0

Def Submitter Votes Guess Total
1 Paul Keating 6 6
13 Alan Mallach 5 5
14 Dave Cunningham 3 2 5
12 Efrem Mallach 4 4
2 Oxford (Lexico.com) D3
11 John Barrs 1 2 3
4 Mike Shefler 0 2 2
5 Shani Naylor 1 1
8 Tony Abell 1 1
9 Nancy Shepherdson 1 1
10 Tim Lodge 1 1
3 Debbie Embler 0 0
6 Judy Madnick 0 0
7 Tim Bourne 0 0
No Def Deorah Fein 0 0
No Def Ryan McGill 0 0

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