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Old January 13th, 2018, 01:49 AM
Tony Abell
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2864 - QUODDAMODOTATIVE Defs Up

Sorry for the delay in posting definitions. Sometimes life intervenes (or you just

Find below 12 definitions of quoddamodotative, one of which comes from a dictionary. The
remainder come from the fertile imaginations of the players.

Vote for two by way of a public response to this message before the deadline.
You may vote even if you did not submit a definition, but you may NOT vote if you
are disqualified (see the rules at http://www.dixonary.net). The voting deadline
shall be:

Sunday, 04:00pm EST 14-Jan-2018
Sunday, 01:00pm PST 14-Jan-2018
Sunday, 09:00pm GMT 14-Jan-2018
Sunday, 10:00pm CET 14-Jan-2018
Monday, 08:00am AEDT 15-Jan-2018
Sunday 2018-01-14 2100Z


1. Fiery; ill-tempered.

2. Of or related to funerary practices among certain Indonesian tribes.

3. Existing in a certain manner, trendy or mimicking, literally "in that

4. Uncanny; difficult to define or describe.

5. [Sl.] of or pertaining to Brixton prison, particularly in the early 19th
century, when it was notorious as one of the worst prisons in London.

6. Depending on the quantity of particles, especially molecules or ions, but
not on their chemical nature.

7. Of or relating to a trial and error solution.

8. (2017) On Twitter, any tweet evoking a “what did you mean by that?”

9. Of an unknown duration.

10. Of or pertaining to one’s official responsibilities.

11. The sign on an inn or tavern [literally answering the question "where can I
stay?" in essence it says "here"]

12. In music, a pulsating effect caused by rapid changes of pitch.

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