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Old January 4th, 2018, 11:37 AM
Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2862 TYMBURNAR DEfs - Vote Now!

Here we have 13 defs of the word TYMBURNAR, only one of which came from my
dictionary. Please vote for your two favourites by public reply to this
message, before the deadline of:

10:00 UTC/GMT on Saturday 6th January
11:00 CET
5:00 AM EST
2:00 AM PST
21:00 AEDT in Melbourne
23:00 NZDT in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the meaning of the word until
after you've voted.

-- Tim L


1. Unfair treatment.

2. A dishonest merchant.

3. A player on a timbrel.

4. An ancient Roman flute.

5. [Obs.] A gentleman brigand.

6. A belly dancer who plays the tambourine.

7. A ceiling constructed with recessed panels.

8. A vessel for drawing water from a well. (obs., OF)

9. Pain in a muscle or tendon caused by overexertion.

10. A turf-covered slow-burning fire for producing charcoal.

11. An Australian rodeo event in which teams of riders attempt to
pen kangaroos.

12. The right of a lord of a manor to try anyone accused of theft
within his domain.

13. A sled or crate on which criminals were formerly drawn to the
place of execution.

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