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Old January 2nd, 2018, 03:36 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2861 results!

Hi all

According to the OED, gofe is an old name for the pillory (that's a wooden
contraption that held people in a public place so rotten tomatoes could be
thrown at them). Tim Lodge and Dan Widdis were neck and neck in the voting,
but Tim pulled ahead at the end with 6 natural points for his def which
made a verb out of the movie industry slang term 'gofer'. Dan was the real
winner with 5 points with his indistinct image.

Take it away Tim!

1. The pillory.
Votes from Hugo K & Mike S.

2. _rare_ Covfefe.
Mike Shefler, who voted *1* & 12. Score: 3
Vote from Dan W.

3. To grumble; to drivel; to mutter.
Judy M, who voted 11 & 12. Score: 1
Vote from Nancy S.

4. Dessert of frozen berries and fruits.
Keith Hale, who voted 9 & 12. Score: 1
Vote from Hugo K.

5. An official approval or endorsement.
Tony A, who didn’t vote. Score: 0

6. A cross-stitch embroidery technique.
Guerri S, who voted 10 & 13. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

7. A natural protective coating applied to wood.
Tim Bourne, who voted 6 & 12. Score: 0

8. A design in metallic thread woven into a textile.
Nancy Shepherdson, who voted 3 & 13. Score: 0

9. [Yiddish] (vulgar) a stupid or despicable man or boy.

Hugo K, who voted *1* & 4. Score: 3
Vote from Keith H.

10. A cramp iron for holding stones together in building.
Chris Carson, who voted 12 & 13. Score: 2
Votes from Guerri S & Efrem M.

*11. *A traditional Korean cylindrical black hat with wide rims.
Efrem Mallach, who voted 10 & 12. Score: 2
Votes from Judy M & Tim L.

*12. *[Movie industry sl.] To run errands; the action of a gofer.
Tim L, who voted 11 & 13. Score: 6
Votes from Dan W, Mike S, Keith H, Tim B, Chris C & Efrem M.

*13. *An imperfect and faint representation; adumbration; indistinct
Dan Widdis, who voted 2 & 12. Score: 5
Votes from Judy M, Guerri S, Tim L, Nancy S & Chris C.

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