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Old December 5th, 2017, 09:51 AM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2855 OUTLIGGER - Vote

having to resend this because gmail rejected the send at 12:30


Here are 13 definitions brought to you at great expense of wit and
wisdom by our esteemed panel of experts. Now your job is to decide which
is the definition that was submitted by a dictionary

Vote for TWO definitions, as a public forum or group message (in reply
to this one), before the deadline..

10:00 pm on Thursday, 07 Dec 2017 in the UK 5:00 pm on East Coast USA
2:00 pm on¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬*¬* West Coast USA 9:00 am on¬* 8 Dec in parts of Oz - sync
to my GMT time if in doubt

New Players are welcome, even if you didn't submit a definition you may


¬*1. a gossip

¬*2. a gatecrasher

¬*3. the peregrine falcon

¬*4. urban slang for "outhouse"

¬*5. a sand dune in the form of a long, narrow ridge

¬*6. [Scot]¬* a lamb which does not belong to the herd

¬*7. a defensive encampment encircled by armoured vehicles or wagons

¬*8. one who makes decisions based on instinct rather than real knowledge

¬*9. a sort of derrick rigged temporarily on a sailing vessel for
loading heavy item

10. a device for determining the direction of incoming high-frequency
radio signals

11. a reaper who makes bands for the sheaves, and lays the corn in them
for the binder

12. a small midge (Culicoides impunctatus) found in the swamps and
tropical forests of Australia's Northern Territory

13. the flexible, conical, accordion-like covers that contain lubricant
and protect the constant-velocity joints on a drive axle shaft

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