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Old December 1st, 2017, 05:07 PM
Guerri Stevens
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Default [Dixonary] OT: Adobe Updates

I do not understand the Adobe update process. Adobe complains that
it("it" being the flash player) is out of date, and asks whether it
should update itself and I say yes. Why doesn't it then go ahead and
update itself without requiring further assistance from me. It wants to
know whether it can save its file, and I have to reply to that. Then I
have to go to the place where it saved the file and then run the
updating/updater file. Why can't it just say: there's a new version, do
you want to update, I could say yes and it would go ahead and update
with no further help from me.

To be fair, there may be a setting that lets me say "update whenever you
feel like it". But even if it does have such a setting, it might not be
convenient for me to have it run an update at some particular time when
I might be in the middle of something. And I might want to know that an
update *was* run at such and such a time in case some weirdness
developed and I wondered if a new version of Adobe might be the cause.

And this time around where are the requests to update Tbird and Firefox?
Although I may be premature and will see those soon.

End of rant. I think.


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