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Old November 29th, 2017, 09:48 AM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] PHEAZAR results!

2 folks guessed that "feeze" must be a legit word, I guess.

1. a tedious task [Stevens] 9 12 (Madnick) 1
2. a charm or amulet [Widdis] *4 12 (Hale) 2+1 = 3
3. prehistoric lake dwelling [Madnick] 1 13 (McGill) 1
4. _perh_ one who feezes. [Chambers] NV (Lodge) (Widdis) 2
5. a closely woven silk with a crisp finish [Carson] NV (Hale) (Naylor)
6. Having the quality of newness; novelty. [Hale] 2 5 nil
7. A minor tax-collecting official of the Ottoman Empire. [Lodge] *4 12
(Naylor) (Mallach) 2 + 2 = 4 <---Winnah
8. A ceremonial torchlight procession to celebrate a marriage. [Naylor]
5 7 (McGill) 1
9. One who carries and swings the thurible in an Orthodox church.
[Bourne] NV (Stevens) (Mallach) 2
10. a mixture of gold and antimony thought in mediaeval times to have
medicinal properties [Mallach] 7 9 (Barrs) (Shefler) 2
11. in Mongolian cooking, a steamed dumpling of meat and vegetables,
usually eaten cold. [Barrs] 10 12 nil
12. a functionary in Mesopotamia who assured the calibration of scale
weights used in trade. [Abell] NV (Barrs) (Lodge) (Shefler) (Widdis)
(Stevens) 5 <---Dealah
13. a beard with straight sideburns, bare chin, and a carefully groomed
mustache on upper and lower lips (after Edwin Pheazar, British naturalist
1832-1911) [Shefler] 10 12 (Madnick) 1

McGill 3 8 nil

Blame Shakespeare for this one. No etymology. No other use. But it made
it into the dictionary! Mr. Abell -- take it away!


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