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Old July 13th, 2017, 03:35 PM
Guerri Stevens
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Default [Dixonary] OT: Malware Bytes

I have the Malware Bytes software. For a long time I'd run it, and
everything seemed fine. I admit that I didn't keep careful notes on what
happened recently, but apparently it decided that I should try out a
premium version. It either didn't give me a chance to opt out or I
somehow didn't do it or did it wrong.

I don't want a premium version, trial or otherwise. As far as I can tell
Malware Bytes has turned into an obnoxious pushy piece of software. I
call it "bullying" software. I cannot even figure out how to get in
touch with the authors.

Is there any way I can get to the current version of the basic software?
Failing that, is there any way I can preventing it from starting when I
boot up?

To tell the truth I am pretty tired of all this stuff. We are now,
apparently, slaves to software that scans for viruses and all kinds of
other stuff. I am a seasoned citizen. I am a simple person and I want
simple software that is simply fine.

I think I installed version today. At least that is what is
in my computer notes. I am not sure, but it appears that today's
computers and today's software are in charge, and if they are in a good
mood, they may work for you. I can't easily find out where the software
is located. It starts up when I boot up and I can't figure out how to
stop that from happening. I actually used Windows help to read up on how
to make programs start out when I boot up, but apparently Malware Bytes
doesn't abide by the usual rules for starting up on boot.

Can anyone shed any light on this. Does anyone know a good shrink that
specializes in computer bullying?

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