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Old May 17th, 2020, 09:13 AM
Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3073 HANAP Results

Fellow players,

A HANAP is definition #8; an ornate ceremonial goblet. This is one of many hanaps that show up in an online image search:

That online search also turns up many hits on a Tagalog song "Hanap Hanap." Apparently the word means "search" in Tagalog. I didn't know that when I dealt, and it doesn't matter. It isn't an English word.

Nobody guessed the answer, though John Barrs recognized the word in the definition list and disqualified himself. Good thing he did the honorable thing, too, for had he voted for #8 he would have had to deal next. Instead, his ultra-long orchid was - along with Chris Carson's and Tim Lodge's inventions - part of a three-way tie with 4 points. All were natural scores, so that tie-breaker didn't help. John was behind the other two in the rolling scores, but Chris and Tim were tied there too. Going to the lifetime scores tie-breaker - I don't remember the last time that happened - Chris is slightly ahead of Tim. (Tim is gaining on him, though, and could catch him somewhere around round 3600.) Chris thus has the next deal. Tim and John share runner-up honors.

Full results:

1. a petticoat. From Widdis, D. who voted 7, 13. Voted for by: Shefler, M.; Abell, T. Score: 2.

2. a grooming tool. From Embler, D. who voted 6, 12. Voted for by: Bourne, T.; Madnick, J. Score: 2.

3. [Turkey] cannabis. From Keating, P. who voted 6, 7. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

4. a Mongolian saddle. From Bourne, T. who voted 2, 12. Voted for by: Mallach, A.; Abell, T. Score: 2.

5. an Elizabethan hedge maze. From Naylor, S. who voted 10, 12. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

6. a commotion or disturbance. From Carson, C. who did not vote. Voted for by: Embler, D.; Keating, P.; Lodge, T.; McGill, R. Score: 4.

7. a sabre-like weapon carried by Ottoman cavalry. From Lodge, T. who voted 6, 9. Voted for by: Widdis, D.; Keating, P.; Mallach, A.; Madnick, J. Score: 4.

8. a rich goblet, esp. one used on state occasions. From Dictionary which could not vote. Voted for by: None. Score: D0.

9. a type of elongated spur used by the Zaporozhian Cossacks of central Ukraine. From Shefler, M. who voted 1, 13. Voted for by: Lodge, T.; Cunningham, D. Score: 2.

10. [Indonesian] a spicy rice porridge seasoned with cloves, coriander and chilis (Malaysia, Henap; Thai, Kenap) From Mallach, A. who voted 4, 7. Voted for by: Naylor, S. Score: 1.

11. a fabric made from 50% polyester thread and 50% audiocassette tape. Sounds recorded on the tape can be picked up with an old Sony Walkman® rigged to be a sonic fabric player. From Madnick, J. who voted 2, 7. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

12. the ethnolinguistic group indigenous to the Hana Islands of the Philippines, which divide the Subu and Celebes Seas, and the language thereof. Within the Hanap language, the word "hanap" is used to signify sharing, togetherness, or a unifying trait. From McGill, R. who voted 6, 13. Voted for by: Embler, D.; Bourne, T.; Naylor, S. Score: 3.

13. an orchid living in symbiotic association with very aggressive ants. The ants live in the hollow bulbils of the orchid where they rear aphids for honeydew and protect the orchid by attacking anything that approaches the plant. Small predators form part of their diet but they have very painful bites and can protect the orchid even from human collectors. The only other insect allowed near is a night-flying moth which fertilizes the orchid. From Barrs, J. who did not vote. Voted for by: Widdis, D.; Shefler, M.; McGill, R.; Cunningham, D. Score: 4.

No definition from Cunningham, D. who voted 9, 13. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.

No definition from Abell, T. who voted 1, 4. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.

For those who prefer tables, here are the results in that form, in descending score order without regard for tie-breaking precedence:

Take it away, Chris!


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