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Old November 8th, 2017, 05:20 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2848 OLUHNE Results

This was a very even round and as a result pretty low scoring

Shani Naylor scored 3 and is our next dealer The real winners (all
seven of them!) are Judy Madnick, Tony Abell, Mike Shefler, Ryan McGill,
Tim Bourne, Keith Hale, Chris Carson each with 2 natural points

Back to Back - Over to you Shani

#1 was the real def... and I am going to put its entry from OED here in
full because it leaves me with a question


oluhne, v.

Origin: Apparently a variant or alteration of another lexical item.
Etymon: English /ōlyhtnian/.

Etymology: Apparently the reflex of an unattested weak Class II Old
English verb */ōlyhtnian/ (compare Old English /ōlyht/ in the compound
/ōlyhtword/ flattering words), apparently related to /ōleccan/ to
flatter, of uncertain origin; perhaps < an unattested noun /*ōlocc/
blandishment, flattery < /ō-/ , prefix (see e-__prefix^1 ) + lock n.^1
(compare Old English /loccian/ to entice, soothe: see lock v.^2 )


/Obs.//trans./To flatter. Also, /intr/


oluhning n. /Obs./ flattering, flattery.

The question relates to the fact that all the citations are from ?1200
(>1250) and these citations are all written in early middle english and
as such are difficult to read eg, from the____/Ancrene Riwle
<javascript:void(0)> / "Ne mei he bute schawin forð sumhwet of his
eapeware & olhnin oðer þreatin þet me bugge þrof." - and this is "the
English Text" from 1972! (the /Ancrene Riwle <javascript:void(0)> /is an
anonymous set of monastic rules for female anchorites -anchoresses -
nowadays called the Ancrene Wisse) - [[[to give a handle on who I am: I
found the Wiki article on Ancrene Riwle fascinating]]]

Is it reasonable to play a word with such arcane antecedents? even if it
is in the OED - I admit that I thought that it was playable because of
the derivative "oluhning"

/so ....???


1. to flatter...
Voted for by nobody [From OED Online 2017] = D0

2. the gibbous moon...
Voted for by WiddisD, McGillR [From Tony Abell who voted for 9 and 10]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

3. to soar to a great height...
Voted for by nobody [From Guerri Stevens who did not vote ] and scores
[0 + 0] = 0

4. a Polynesian sailing vessel...
Voted for by BourneT, MallachE [From Ryan McGill who voted for 2 and 7]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

5. dormant seeds trapped in ice...
Voted for by SheflerM, WiddisD [From Keith Hale who voted for 8 and 11]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

6. a certain kind of neck scarf...
Voted for by LodgeT [From Dan Widdis who voted for 2 and 5] and scores
[1 + 0] = 1

7. a Hawai'ian ceremony to welcome guests...
Voted for by McGillR [From Efrem Mallach who voted for 4 and 10] and
scores [1 + 0] = 1

8. vertical bamboo flute used in the Andes...
Voted for by BourneT, HaleK [From Judy Madnick who voted for 9 and 13]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

9. a sculptured ornament representing an ox-skull...
Voted for by MadnickJ, LodgeT, AbellT [From Shani Naylor who voted for
12 and 13] and scores [3 + 0] = 3

10. a lei, or simply a flower, thrown into a volcano as a tribute to the
god Pele...
Voted for by MallachE, AbellT [From Tim Bourne who voted for 4 and 8]
and scores [2 + 0] = 2

11. a fabric having a crosswise ribbed effect made of silk, wool, or
synthetic fiber...
Voted for by SheflerM, HaleK [From Chris Carson who did not vote ] and
scores [2 + 0] = 2

12. a small stream or channel in mud flats, formed by water running off
as the tide recedes...
Voted for by NaylorS [From Tim Lodge who voted for 6 and 9] and scores
[1 + 0] = 1

13. a large abalone (_Haliotis midae_) ranging from the coast of
Normandy to
parts of the Baltic sea...
Voted for by NaylorS, MadnickJ [From Mike Shefler who voted for 5 and
11] and scores [2 + 0] = 2

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