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Old March 15th, 2020, 05:25 PM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] SHABRACK results

1. poorly maintained and disheveled antiques; from shab(by) +
(bric-a-)brac. [McGill] NV (Widdis) 1
2. a sort of Mongolian felt material made from yak wool [Bourne] 4 9
(Widdis) (Shefler) (MallachA) (Carson) (MallachE) 5!!
3. a trooper's housing or saddlecloth [Chambers] (Shefler) (Lodge) D2
4. a peasant's woolen cloak, with a hood or cowl, worn also by monks
[Naylor] 5 10 (Bourne) (Madnick) 2
5. a traditional Jordanian Bedouin dish of lamb, rice and spices
[MallachE] 2 11 (Naylor) (Dixon) 2
6. a wrought steel breech-loading cannon, named after its inventor, Herr
Shabrack [Widdis] 1 2 0
7. to set or seal with a mark; to confirm or authenticate beyond a doubt
[Debbie] 9 10 0
8. a small suitcase [Carson] 2 9 (Lodge) 1
9. a style of smoking tobacco where the leaf is shredded into thin strips
before drying and aging [Dixon] 5 12 (Bourne) (MallachA) (Debbie)
(Carson) 4
10. strong, coarse canvas [Madnick] 4 11 (Debbie) (Naylor)
11. a checquered black and white scarf that is usually worn around the
neck or head throughout the Middle East [Lodge] *3 8 (Madnick) (MallachE)
2+2 = 4
12. a flat quiver holding crossbow bolts which in use attached to the T
piece so that tightening the spring automatically loaded a bolt. [Although
fast it was rarely used beause it made the whole weapon too heavy for most
people] [Barrs] DQ (Dixon) 1

Shefler lost def/ no record of it *2 3 2 + 2 = 4
Mallach ALAN 2 9 - def not received 2 DP
Next Dealah is
Tim Bourne and the natural Winnah is the eponymous Stephen Dixon!

And here I was sure no one would guess it. I checked every single email
file - and still canna find two defs.

Dave (wife had me join in the newest game "Supermarket Panic!" - anyone
else in that game for TP etc.?)

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