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Old July 13th, 2021, 05:38 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3181 results

Johnny B is our runaway winner, with 10 unnatural points for the his & hers
sofa. Trailing way behind, with 4 points, the real winner was Paul K. I
scored a D7, which was probably fairly predictable in the circumstances.

Take it away Johnny!

1. A con-man.
Debbie E, who voted 3 & 11. Score: 0

No votes.

2. A confessor [Ital.]
Paul K, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 4

Votes from Tim L & Nancy S.

3. A chest of drawers.
Tony A, who didn’t vote. Score: 2.

Votes from Debbie E & Efrem M.

4. One who confesses; a penitent.
Nancy S, who voted 2 & 11. Score: 1.

Vote from Alan M.

5. A third-party guarantor in a banking transaction.
Tim L, who voted 2 & *10. Score: 3

Vote from Alan M.

6. [Fr.] A person who writes letters for people who are illiterate.
Mike S, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 3

Vote from Efrem M.

7. A knight who has sworn an oath to be faithful to his brothers in a
chivalric order.
Efrem M, who voted 3 & 6. Score: 0

No votes.

8. A person with superior, usually specialized knowledge or highly
refined taste; a connoisseur.
Judy M, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 2

No votes.

9. A watchword used by the Spanish Inquisition; believed to be a
short version of Confidente in Deum (Mediaeval Latin), trusting in God.
Alan M, who voted 4 & 5. Score: 1

Vote from Deb F.

10. A sofa or settee, especially of the 18th century, having a triangular
seat at each end divided from the greater part of the seat by an armrest.

Votes from Mike S, Dan W, Dave C, Judy M, Paul K, Johnny B & Tim L.

11. [Obs.] A sofa where the seating is 's'-shaped so that a lady and a
gentleman can sit one on each side and talk to each other with an arm
between them.
Johnny B, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 10

Votes from Mike S, Dan W, Deb F, Debbie E, Dave C, Nancy S, Judy M & Paul K..

12. (Computers) A set of symbols used to represent blocks of binary data,
in which the original block of data is represented by a larger block of
data which includes additional bits arranged in such a way that the
original data may be read even if one or more of the bits of the encoded
data is changed, as in a noisy communication channel. Various codes are
available which can correct different numbers or patterns of errors in the
transmitted data.
Dan W, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 2

No votes.

No def:

Deb F, who voted 9 & 11. Score: 0

Dave C, who voted *10 & 11. Score: 2

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