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Old April 10th, 2018, 04:25 AM
Tim B
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2885 - JINKER - Call for votes

Here we go, then, without the aid of a safety net!

Please vote for TWO definitions, as a public forum message (in reply to this one),
before the deadline, which is 9 am BST on Thursday 12th April. That will be 0800 UTC,
or 4 am in New York, or 1 am in LA, or (probably) 8 pm in Auckland.

New players are welcome, even if you didn't enter a definition this round.
Don't look in a dictionary. Full rules, if you're curious, can be seen at www.dixonary.net.

1. a toady.
2. a mistake; a blunder.
3. a maker of chain mail.
4. a deceiver; a trickster; a cheat.
5. a large boulder or other obstruction.
6. a wheeled conveyance for moving heavy logs.
7. a small coin of old England, equal to 2 farthings.
8. the stony residue from burned coal or from a furnace.
9. construction slang for a port-a-potty; aka Blue Room.
10. a bump on the head from a blow, or the blow that causes such a bump.
11. the Western Damselfly: an insect of the suborder Zygoptera in the order Odonata.
12. steel scrap or direct reduced iron added to the furnace in some steelmaking processes.
13. Rolled-up pieces of dough, baked, then covered with cinnamon and sugar or chocolate and
served warm.
14. a heavy rifle with a very long barrel which was often rested upon another person's
shoulder to aim and fire [Obs. but common in India and China throughout 19th cent]

Best wishes,
Tim Bourne.

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