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Old April 8th, 2018, 05:56 AM
Tim B
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2885: Newer word JINKER

Sorry, with two DQs in the first 3 responses, I'll have to withdraw REDINGOTE. Apologies for the
delay in doing this; just back from church.

The replacement word for this round is

* *
* *

As usual, no indication of capitalisation or otherwise is implied.

If you've already sent a definition for REDINGOTE, I'll use it for JINKER unless you send another.

New players are welcome. Don't look in a dictionary. If you know the word, let me know soon, by
email (if too many people know it, we'll pick another word).

Think up a creative, intriguing, funny or genuine looking definition that will entice your fellow
players to vote for it. Send it BY EMAIL (not as a public forum message) to me, before the deadline,
which is 9 am BST, 0800 UTC, on Tuesday 10th April.
That is probably 4 am In New York and 1 am on the West Coast.

Auckland (New Zealand - Auckland) Tuesday, 10 April 2018, 20:00:00 NZST

Full rules, if you're curious, are at www.dixonary.net.

Best wishes,
Tim Bourne.

PS I have a little problem in that my newish PC running Windows 10 refuses to run Dixomat, which
I've used for several years when dealing. Windows just says it can't run on this computer. Crazy,
since up till November I was running it quite happily in a Windows 10 virtual machine under Linux!
Anyway, it seems I now need an alternative - preferably one with a short learning curve!

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