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Old January 19th, 2018, 09:27 AM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2865 SIMORG definitions

6 and 10 this time out.


On Thursday, January 18, 2018 at 2:09:41 AM UTC-5, Ryan McGill wrote:

> Okay everybody, here are your fake definitions, carefully hiding something
> real relating to the word SIMORG. Vote for any two you like for any reason
> you choose, including that you think it might be the dictionary definition.
> Voting is done by public reply to this post.
> Definitions here are arranged in order of character length and then
> alphabetically, as we had two pairs of definitions exactly the same length.
> You do not need to have supplied a definition to vote.
> 1) a snub or rebuff.
> 2) rigid or unyielding.
> 3) a rather large newt of Papua New Guinea.
> 4) a scentless mayweed or scentless chamomile.
> 5) a mythical beast, somewhat similar to a unicorn.
> 6) a mythical beast with the head of a ram and body of a human.
> 7) a ridge formed by wind erosion parallel to prevailing winds.
> 8) a robotic monkey, built as a demonstration of Japanese technology.
> 9) a membranous fold that supports an organ and keeps it in position.
> 10) (also simurgh) a huge ancient bird of Persian legend, credited with
> possessing great wisdom.
> 11) a widely used 1960s-era computer program that implemented Forrester's
> System Dynamics concepts (from SIMulation in ORGanizations).
> 12) (also symorg) An organisation set up to support a commercial or public
> service organisation, often by providing volunteer assistance.
> Deadline for voting will be as follows:
> Friday, 19 January, 1700 PST (5pm)
> Friday, 19 January, 2000 EST (8pm)
> Saturday, 20 January, 0000 GMT (midnight)
> Saturday, 20 January, 0100 CET (1am)
> Saturday, 20 January, 1100 EAST (11am)
> I think I may have flubbed the Australian time zone abbreviation, as if I
> leave this window, it will undo all my typing.
> Feel free to correct me if I got any of this wrong. Good luck, and happy
> voting!

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