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Old March 16th, 2017, 12:07 PM
Daniel Widdis
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2787: PUGNOZZLE vote!

The extra hours gathered three more definitions, so we now have a total of 11 definitions for PUGNOZZLE.

Please vote for two, by public reply to this message, within the next 30 hours, which will be by 4 pm PDT / 7 pm EDT / 11pm GMT / 23:00 UTC on Friday, St. Patrick's Day. That's midnight in the Netherlands, and Saturday March 18 at: 10 am AEDT and noon NZDT.

*1. the small metal cylinder that is fused to one end of the leadpipe of a french horn.* It connects the mouthpiece to the horn.

2. 1. adj. having a squashed or flattened nose. 2. n. a person with such a nose.

3. of the upper lip and nostrils: to move up and down in the manner of a pug dog.

4. much talk with little to say; redundancy; pleonasm.

5. a jigsaw puzzle using a modern-art picture.

6. a small handgun.

7. [Br. Sl.] an ugly or decrepit hat.

8. a restraint on free movement or expression.

9. a coarse homespun cotton cloth from India (corruption of Hindi pagnasul).

10. a snub nose; hence any pouring device whose spout is too short to be effective.

11. the mixture of resin and wax from which the second foundation of a bee's honeycomb is made.

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