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Old March 5th, 2017, 06:37 AM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 2784 VOTING: DRAGOMAN

Well, i fear i was busy again while the bluff defs came in... so i only saw
that there were 4 DQs after almost every player had sent in their def.
So. Off we go, with more defs than players allowed to vote.

I am triple checking that the real def --- as well as all the defs i can
find from players are on the list!
I found 11 from players, so we have an even dozen from which to vote.

You may vote even if you are brand new to the game, vote for two numbers by
reply to this email before the voting deadline, which is 6AM (0600) on
Monday, 06 March, 2017 C.E.: US Central Time Zone (Texas, yee-haw!) or the
corresponding time in your local time zone.

If, upon perusing the list you are sure that you can see the real
definition, PLEASE do not vote, - OR hit "Reply" at all. Instead,
please send me a private email to [ thoughtstorms (AT) gmail (DOT) com ] telling
me that you have to disqualify yourself. Keeps it fair, and hopefully
won't happen much.

1> any of several large crane flies of the family _Tipulidae_, often
mistakenly called mosquito hawks
2> a sweet
3> self-appointed and conservative language-usage expert
4> formerly, in Slavic countries, a tax collector
5> an interpreter chiefly of Arabic, Turkish, or Persian employed
especially in the Near East
6> a person of a keen, irritable temper
7> a performer of qawwali
8> an extinct species of hard-shell clam (Cyrtopleura costata) formerly
found on North Atlantic coastlines
9> cavalry officer of the Austro-Hungarian Army between 1867-1918
10> a native of the Galapagos Islands who tamed marine iguanas and trained
them to assist in fishing
11> a cavalry sergeant, originally in the Ottoman army
12> a street sweeper

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