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Old October 29th, 2018, 10:14 AM
Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2934 time to vote for NEUKATYKE

Here are a dozen definitions for NEUKATYKE, one of which came from the
Vote for your two favorites no later than 5 PM EDT, Tuesday October 30.

1. a suspension rattle of the Iñupiat peoples of Alaska and Canada.
Several dozen fin-shaped pieces of walrus tusk are sewn on a dancer’s
arm wrapping made from a strip of sealskin. Around the top of the
wrapping is stitched a circle of polar bear fur. Some believe that
the sound of the rattle represents the north wind.

2. [Scots] to be in an unfinished condition; to be left incomplete.

3. a pseudoepinephrine promoted by naturopaths in the 1970’s as a diet
pill; pulled from the market by the FDA in 1981.

4. [Bot.] an insectivorous plant.

5. a shallow boat propelled by a pole.

6. a phage of certain gram-negative bacteria.

7. to force into heavy labor, bondage, or subjugation.

8. a man who masters another easily in a quarrel.

9. a domesticated ox with tufted tail, native to south Asia.

10. a native of Yorkshire whose ancestors have lived in the county for at
least two generations.

11. [Geordie] a young rough haired dog.

12. a type of reticulose pseudopod amoeba found in tropical stllwater.

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