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Old May 21st, 2019, 04:16 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2984 results

Hi all

This was a low scoring round. Our winner, with 3 natural points, is Efrem
M. In coveted second place is Chris C, also with 3 natural points but lower
in the rolling scores.

Take it away Efrem!

1. An art movement of the 1880s, whose adherents painted in a naïve
Tim L, who voted 5 & 8. Score: 2
Votes from Dave C & Judy M.

2. An acute anemia in certain people, caused by their reaction to the
fava bean or its pollen.
yourdictionary.com D3
Votes from Johnny B, Dan W & Mike S.

3. An idea or expression marked by excessive sentiment.
Judy M, who voted 1 & 9. Score: 2

Votes from Efrem M & Tim B.

4. On social media, an attempt to inflate follower numbers or
likes/comments to attract brands and make money off of sponsored posts
Dan W, who voted *2 & 12. Score: 2

5. The view that all matter has consciousness.
Chris C, who voted 8 & 12. Score: 3
Votes from Guerri S, Efrem M & Tim L.

6. An inclination to describe everything as one's favourite, or
Tim B, who voted 3 & 11. Score: 0

7. The belief that human activity cannot affect the earth's climate.
Guerri S, who voted 5 & 10. Score: 0

8. The process by which some birds change color on reaching maturity.
Efrem M, who voted 3 & 5. Score: 3
Votes from Chris C, Dave C & Tim L.

9. [Art] A painting style which surmounts surrealism in its goals.
Dave C, who voted 1 & 8. Score: 1
Vote from Judy M.

10. The belief in the efficacy of good luck talismans.
Tony A, who didn’t vote. Score: 1
Vote from Guerri S.

11. In the line of succession where the eldest child receives the entire
Debbie E, who didn’t vote. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

12. A dietary disorder caused by eating broad beans.
Johnny B, who voted *2 & 12. Score: 3

Votes from Chris C, Johnny B, Dan W & Mike S.

13. [Biol.] the tendency of a group of plants to flower at the same time.
Mike S, who voted *2 & 12. Score: 2

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