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Old August 5th, 2017, 07:31 AM
Efrem Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2823 results: SKEIF


According to Merriam-Webster, a skeif is "a diamond cutter's polishing wheel." That's definition 6.

The voting started with three players all voting for Chris Carson's "to cheat; swindle." The tide turned when John Barrs opined that a skeif may have something to do with a wheel, voting for the correct #6 and his own #11 (no point for that one, sorry). Three more votes for #11 followed, giving John a total of 5 points and the next deal. Chris is the traditional "winnah" with 4 natural points, followed by Tony Abell and Nancy Shepherdson with 3 points each. Our friends at M-W also got 3 votes.

We also welcome a new player, Ryan McGill. ryanmmcgill (AT) gmail (DOT) com <mailto:ryanmmcgill (AT) gmail (DOT) com> . He wasn't here in time to submit a definition, but his vote is recorded below. Hopefully he'll have many opportunities to fool us in the future!

Full results:

1. a kind of canoe. From Abell, T. who did not vote. Voted for by: Widdis, D.; Lodge, T.; McGill, R. Score: 3.

2. a revolving door. From Stevens, G. who voted 3, 11. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

3. to cheat; swindle. From Carson, C. who did not vote. Voted for by: Stevens, G.; Naylor, S.; Madnick, J.; Lodge, T. Score: 4.

4. a large pouch or bag. From Shepherdson, N. who voted 5, *6*. Voted for by: Naylor, S. Score: 3.

5. [Sc.] a miserly person. From Naylor, S. who voted 3, 4. Voted for by: Shepherdson, N. Score: 1.

6. a diamond cutter's polishing wheel. From Merriam-Webster, who could not vote. Voted for by: Shepherdson, N.; Cunningham, D.; Barrs, J. Score: D3.

7. [Antiq.] a kind of large drinking cup. From Widdis, D. who voted 1, 13. Voted for by: Hale, K.; McGill, R. Score: 2.

8. a detachable strap for a handbag or backpack. From Shefler, M. who voted 9, 12. Voted for by: None. Score: 0.

9. rough limestone country with underground drainage. From Madnick, J. who voted 3, 11. Voted for by: Shefler, M.; Hale, K. Score: 2.

10. wax used to fill in between pieces of a glass mosaic. From Cunningham, D. who voted *6*, 11. Voted for by: None. Score: 2.

11. a subsidiary wheel to a spinning wheel on which a skein of wool is created. From Barrs, J. who voted *6*, 11. Voted for by: Stevens, G.; Madnick, J.; Cunningham, D.; Barrs, J. (no point). Score: 5.

12. a coastal landscape of sand dunes and mudflats, typical of the Friesian Islands. From Lodge, T. who voted 1, 3. Voted for by: Shefler, M. Score: 1..

13. a primitive rabbit-skin glue that included wheat flour with the rendered collagen. It was primarily used in the sizing or priming of oil painters' canvases. From Hale, K. who voted 7, 9. Voted for by: Widdis, D. Score: 1.

No definition from McGill, R. who voted 1, 7. Voted for by: N/A. Score: 0.

Over to you, John!


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