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Old November 14th, 2021, 05:26 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3209 RYIJY - call for votes

Below are 14 definitions for this word. 1 is from a dictionary - they
have been sorted so that they are not in the order submitted

Please vote publicly for two of these definitions before 22: 00 GMT Tuesday


1.Sake made without brewer's alcohol, including all /junmai/and some
/ginjo/and /daiginjo/sakes, which may be referred to by the compound
names /junmai ginjo/and /junmai daiginjo/.

2.a dark and storm-like cloud formation, typically found in Iceland,
proposed as a type of cloud in 2010 by the Cloud Appreciation Society
and added to the International Cloud Atlas as a supplementary feature in
2018.*The name means "roughness" in Icelandic.

3. [Orig Inuit] A large dog sled, designed to travel on snow and ice,
built using traditional Inuit design techniques. It is similar to a
qamutiik, but larger and heavier.

4.a grass, /Bromus secalinus/, native to Europe and Asia, having rough
leaves and wheatlike ears

5. a woven Finnish long-tufted tapestry or knotted-pile carpet hanging

6.a Lithuanian grain-based alcoholic drink, usually flavored with
caraway seeds.

7. a 1932 proposal for the reform of English spelling by philanthropist
J. Jefferson Ridge (1887- 1935), named for the spelling of his name
according to his system; also, the phonetic analysis on which the
proposal was based.

8.a one horse two-wheeled passenger vehicle, used in Eastern Europe
originally for local journeys but now mostly for racing.

9.Yak’s milk yogurt.

10.specialized pulley system used by arborists to climb trees.

11. a headland (Icel.)

12. a helpful spirit that assists good people.

13.a peculiar East Indian mammal (/Galleopithecus volans/), having along
the sides, connecting the fore and hind limbs, a parachute like
membrane, by means of which it is able to make long leaps, like the
flying squirrel; called also flying lemur.

14.embroidery on traditional Muslim garments, including the niqab and
the hijab. Ryijy designs vary from simple cross stitch to intricate and
ornate embroidery.

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