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Old October 7th, 2018, 08:09 AM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary] VOTE NOW\soon! Round 2928 - [ ASTROBLEME ]

At long last - the list of defs for AsTrObLeMe!

You may vote even if you are brand new to the game, please vote early
and often (but only two defs total) by the voting deadline which i
declare as being 8PM (10:00) Monday: 8 October 2018 C.E.: US Central
Time Zone (Texas, pew, pew!) or the corresponding time in your local
time zone.

Any formatting woes or typos are on me, not the authors.
Enjoy your Dixonary-mocracy!

1> The process of mountain formation.
2> An extremely large blemish on any surface.
3> The bulging out of a part of a cell below the plasma membrane or
expansion of air-filled tissue, as occurs in the lungs in bullous
4> Sunspot seen on a distant star. [Astr.]
5> A sunspot.
6> An erosional scar on the earth's surface, produced by the impact
of a cosmic body, as a meteorite or asteroid.
7> In science fiction: a device that enables instantaneous communication.
8> [Typog.] An enlarged asterisk or other star-shaped symbol set on
the text baseline, often used to replace characters of an obscenity.
9> A halberd with a long shaft and two-sided blade, carried by
medieval foot soldiers.
10> A blemish on the surface of an object in space, typically a solar
panel or telescope mirror, caused by the impact of a micro-meteorite.

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