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Old August 9th, 2018, 12:59 PM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary] [OT] PODCASTS

Ryan wrote:

I tried to sign up for Audible back in 2005, but they didn't support my MP3
player. That was an unpleasant disaster. Now I don't have enough ear time
for books. There are too many good podcasts.

*I'd love to hear some recommendations. * I am the ONLY one of my close
friends or family that know what a podcast IS! I 'discovered them on a
YouTube video of a Firefly panel at a comicon, someone asked Nathan Fillion
which of his characters were more formidable: Captain Malcolm Reynolds [of
Firefly+Serenity] -- or Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier [of The
Thrilling Adventure Hour: Sparks Nevada - Marshal on Mars]. I'd never
heard of any of that second part, so i looked it up and devoured Thrilling
Adventure Hour.

I was hooked. Since then, i've devoured and adored:

- The Pod F. Tompkast with Paul F. Tompkins (6 years inactive)
- The Dead Authors Podcast
- Comedy Bang Bang (although only the episodes that feature PFT)
- Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins --- my absolute obsession, still
in weekly production through Episode 200!
- Superego
- Mission to Zyxx
- No Such Thing as a Fish [Funny facts from the Q.I. Researchers\Elves]
- Pistol Shrimps Radio
- The Writer's Panel [television writers talk craft]
- The Dead Pilots Society [readings of bought tv pilots that were never
- I Was There Too
- Hidden Brain
- Obscure [comedian Michael Ian Black reads Jude the Obscure out loud
and comments as he goes]
- Art of the Score
- and dozens more, less comprehensively...

It has been kind of lonely -- not having anyone with whom to geek out about
this bounty of information and entertainment.

So, if anyone wants to geek out \ share suggestions - i'd love to!

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