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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3074 - WIFTY

We have a bumper crop of 15 definitions for WIFTY, one of which is the genuine article. Please vote for two, by public reply to this message, before deadline, which is 6:00 AM EDT on Friday, May 22, 2020, or 3:00 AM PDT .

1. A wickedly brisk westerly wind.
2. Swift, breezy.
3. Impractical, flighty, or unfocused.
4. British Army slang for a coveted deployment, in a
pleasant climate and away from active combat.
5. A small side-altar; a wayside oratory [< OE weofod
6. [Scot.] Aside, on or to one side; awry; off from the
straight line.
7. The Northern white-faced owl, _Ptilopsis leucotis_,
named for its call.
8. Haughty; pretentious.
9. A pair of two or three wheeled pulleys used to hoist a
10. Suspicious.
11. The contents of a housewife, especially the tape-
12. [Slang] A strong network connection on a wireless
13. Odorous.
14. Magic; unbelievable.
15. A cold native Alaskan man who is over the age of sixty.

Da Dealah

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