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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3196 Vote for BOONGA

The time has come to decide - vote for 2 of these definitions by¬* 13:30
BST Friday - vote publicly to the group

do not look up the answer before you vote. Tell me privately if on
viewing the defs you now know the meaning


1 (Mil. slang) a dirt filled bin for absorbing explosions.

2 A long wavelike ridge of snow, formed by the wind and found on the
polar plains.

3 An Australian Aboriginal stone hatchet.

4 New Zealand offensive; Pacific Islander_._

5 A stew of plantain and curried goat.

6 A cannabis-based drug, similar to hashish, used in certain Voodoo rituals..

7 A game of chance played in Indonesia played with counters.

8 Australian slang for farm, esp. in the Northern Territory

9 A gecko, /Gekko gecko/, of the Philippines and southeastern Asia;
sometimes kept as a pet.

10 [Bengal] highly spiced pickled vegetables; a chutney made from same.

11 An aboriginal throwing stick used with a short wooden spear similar
in size and shape to a Roman javelin.

12 A music style designed for "Bollywood" (q.v.) movie productions, as a
blend of rock and roll and country, but with strong traditional Indian

13 A Nigerian slang expression for a scammer.

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