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Default [Dixonary] Round 3039 IRACUND progress


With 14+ hours left, we have eight fake definitions of IRACUND from players Barrs, Bourne, Carson, Cunningham, Embler, Lodge, Madnick, and McGill - plus the real one, for a total of nine. My spreadsheet has room for a lot more.

The deadline for definitions, according to <>, is:

If you sent a fake definition and your surname is in the first paragraph, all is well. (You should have received confirmation.)

If you sent one and your name isn't there, please send it again. If you sent it to emallach at umassd dot edu, an outdated address which you should please forget ever existed, please send it to the address in the next paragraph. It might also be good to send a public message, without the definition, to the effect that you did that.

If you didn't send one yet, please do. New players: Send a cleverly misleading fake definition of IRACUND to emallach at verizon dot net. Don't Reply to this message or to the earlier call for definitions, or other players will see it.

Votes will be due sometime on the morning of Sunday, Jan. 5, in US EST and other times in in other places. I'll send the deadline with the definition list. Please help make it a long one!


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