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Paul Keating
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3212: IDLI withdrawn; INDAGATE is the new word


Rule 1(d) of The “Real” Rules lists the circumstances that justify
withdrawing The Word and substituting another. One of them is that The
Word turns out to be unexpectedly recognizable.

That rule has, as some will know, no counterpart in the official 1990
rules, but the precedent is so well established (111) that nobody
bothers about that.

There is a comment to that rule that remarks It is not unknown for there
to be a series of substitutes in a round (443). Round 443 established a
record (three words withdrawn, the fourth played), that has been
equalled on only three subsequent occasions. I hope not to break the
record. But things are not looking good.

Two players have said that they recognize idlias (in the OED’s definition)

*A steamed cake of rice and black gram, popular in southern India [Tamil].

and another player said enough it suggest that they might DQ at voting time..

So, with fingers crossed, I now declare the substitute word to be


and I am pushing out the deadline for definitions yet again to Sunday 28
November 21h30 CET
< E+definitions+in+round+3212&iso=20211128T2130&p1=3 28>.

Paul Keating
Soustons, Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

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