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Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] Peloria results!

My bug seems to have reached its head yesterday - many apologies for this
delay! I had hoped a self-contradictory word would get by though.

1. of copper [Embler] 3 9 (Shefler)] 1
2. a dolphin family pod [Barrs] 3 *4 2 points
3. a thin, narrow groove or channel [Carson] 6 11 (Barrs) (Embler)
(Shepherdson) (Abell) 5!
4. regularity in a normally irregular flower [Chambers] NV (Barrs)
(McGill) D2
5. a) the markhoor. b) the secretary bird. [Widdis] NV (Shefler) 1
6. a soft silk fabric once used especially for linings [Mallach] NV
(Naylor) (Abell) (Carson) 3
7. a wasting disease caused by low levels of vitamin A [Shefler] 1 5
(Lodge) (Shepherdson) 2
8. a disease causing discoloration of the deep-waqqter fish [Bourne] NV
(Madnick) 1
9. a constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements [Madnick] 8
10 (Embler) 1
10. the free swimming larvae of aquatic decapod crustaceans such as crabs
and lobsters [Naylor] 6 11 (Madnick)(McGill) 2
11. a fungal disease of oak trees (C. gattii) resulting in small leaves,
scanty acorns, and eventual death without treatment. [Shepherdson] 3 7
(Lodge) (Naylor) (Carson) 3

Lodge 2DP 7 11 2 points
Abell 3 6 nil
McGill *4 10 2 points

And Happy New Year to all! May this year be the best ever!


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