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Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3071 GINIMONY Defs - Vote Now!

Here we have 13 defs of the word GINIMONY, only one of which came from my
dictionary. Please vote for your two favoutites by public reply to this
message before the deadline, which is:

10:00 BST on Saturday 9th May
09:00 UTC/GMT
10:00 CET
5:00 AM EDT
2:00 AM PDT
21:00 NZST in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the word until after you've

-- Tim L

*** GINIMONY ***

1. inflated manner or style.

2. fanciful game money of no real value.

3. a Victorian euphemism for intoxication.

4. the process of producing twins by parthenogenesis.

5. a persistent feeling of malaise with no discernable cause.

6. the difference in value of a contract negotiated in guineas rather
than pounds.

7. the right of a lord of a manor to try anyone accused of theft within
his domain.

8. an eastern Mediterranean plant having large roots that yield a resin
formerly used as a cathartic.

9. a substance (not identified) used in a cosmetic preparation intended
to reduce redness of the face.

10. an economic regime characterized by profound economic inequality (from
the Gini index of inequality).

11. [Obs] an allocation of cattle which is entrusted to a foster-parent,
to be maintained for the benefit of the foster-child.

12. a coin, most often a counterfeit, that is made from a base metal core
that has been plated with a precious metal to look like its solid metal

13. a sum bequeathed on behalf of an estate in intestacy for the upkeep
and maintenance of female descendants who cannot be legally designated
heirs due to gender.

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