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Default OzWin with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

I'm continually surprised to see the increasing number of views of this post (nearly 600 more since last October). I can't imagine that anyone is still using OzWin (except, perhaps, to archive e-mail, as I did, or as a contacts database). Even I -- who I have always thought was one of the last holdouts -- have, sadly, let OzWin go.

Years ago, when we could no longer use OzWin to retrieve Compuserve e-mail, I continued to use the program for archive purposes. I might still be doing so, but for the fact that OzWin apparently cannot be used in a 64-bit Windows environment.

For those who have read my initial (2013) post about Windows 8, and my subsequent post about Windows 10:

OzWin does, indeed, run in Windows 10 -- but only in a 32-bit environment. Alas, 32-bit systems are becoming increasingly hard to find -- it seems that they are available only in used machines. I have, therefore, moved on -- as, eventually, all computer users must, in some respect, do.

I will always be grateful to Steve Sneed for developing OzCis/OzWin, and to Sidney Markowitz for keeping the program alive in its later years. Gentlemen, you performed a great service for a great many people, making our online lives easier, less expensive, more productive, and more pleasant. I hope that you are both well, and happily ensconsed in enjoyable endeavors.
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