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Hugo Kornelis
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Default [Dixonary] Correct US English spelling for gauge

Hi all!

Just ran into something that confuses me.

I ran a text through a spell checker that was set to US English. It
marked "gauge" (used as a verb) as incorrect spelling, and offered
"gage" as replacement. I had already noticed that this spellchecker has
a rather incomplete dictionary so I wanted to double check. And that's
where it gets confusing.

Some sites I found insist that "gauge" is correct spelling, in both
British and American, for to measure or estimate the size of something.
And that "gage", again in both British and American, means something
completely different: a valuable deposited as guarantee.
But other sites do agree with the interpretation that "gage" is the
Ammerican spelling of "gauge" in the measurement / estimation meaning.

I final test, with another spellchecker (the one in MS Word), does
accept gauge as correct spelling in US English.

As always when I run into a question on correctness in English
vocabulary, grammar, and spelling, I turn to this small group of
language addicts. Can anyone here shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance!


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