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Default Re: [Dixonary] OT: Gmail Failure?

a new normal - that is what it means to exist

On 30/11/2016 16:20, Guerri Stevens wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied. I did the web login that Gmail seemed to
> want. I am not sure what I changed, if anything, but Tbird now seems
> to be collecting messages as it should (I hope that statement doesn't
> jinx me).
> I did wonder about the IP address: who assigns it? If the entity
> assigning it changes it, would that matter? If so, shouldn't I have
> been notified?
> According to my notes the last time I updated Tbird was in April. But
> the reliability of my notes is unknown.
> Then there is the Adobe Flash Player which demands to be updated
> monthly. And who knows how that might affect anything else. Another
> thing is the AVG antivirus software. It has, at least lately,
> installed something that wants to update/install AVG Secure Search or
> an update request for it, without giving the user a choice. There is a
> way to kill the update request but maybe there is something wrong there.
> The upshot of all of this is that things seem to be back to normal,
> whatever that means.
> Guerri
> On 11/28/2016 11:56 AM, Johnb - wrote:
>> Guerri
>> your normal login is via TB - ¿ yes? --- OK
>> every now and then Gmail decides that because it hasn't seen you for
>> a while then you have to use your browser to login *that is what they
>> mean by a "web login" -- so go to whatever browser you use - mine is
>> firefox - and go to gmail and login -- that should solve the problem
>> *JohnnyB*


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