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Tim Lodge
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Default Re: [Dixonary] Round 2986 VAIDIE Results

The six of you who scored 3 points each will have to fight it out for the
honour (?) of the next deal. Mike S had a natural 3 and is highest in the
rolling scores.

-- Tim L

On Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 8:38:44 AM UTC+1, Tim B wrote:
> > Over to you, Tim B.

> The timing of this is very poor, as on Friday we go away for 2 weeks, and
> past experience tells me
> the wifi in among the mountains of the English Lake District is very
> erratic. I should have said
> something to that effect when voting.
> I wonder if someone can take this one for me, please?
> Best wishes,
> Tim Bourne.

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