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Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3226 MEDRINACKS Defs - Vote Now

Here we have 12 defs of the word MEDRINACKS, only one of which comes from
my dictionary. Please vote for your two favourites by public reply to this
message before the deadline, which is:

10:00 UTC/GMT on Wednesday 26th January in London
11:00 CET in France and the Netherlands
5:00 AM EST in New York
2:00 AM PST in California
23:00 NZST in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the word until after you've

-- Tim L


1. quacks; charlatans.

2. Anglo-Saxon communal liturgy.

3. [New England sl.] hip-high lace-up boots.

4. hills and ridges of erosion-resistant rock rising above a

5. a lace tulle-like fabric for the highest class Elizabethan collars.

6. treatment of disease conducted by tickling the soles of the feet
with a feather.

7. protrusions on the dorsal surface of a person or animal,
reflecting the shape of the underlying vertebrae.

8. any of several Old World herbs of the genus Medrinago having small
flowers and trifoliate compound leaves.

9. the prohibition practice of training a horse to pull a dray to
make a delivery round without a human in attendance.

10. a military maneuver characterized by an indirect and evasive course,
usually lengthy, but one that brings the troops to eventually surround the

11. Now _*rare*_. Chiefly in _*plural*_. The traces left by a stag in
the undergrowth through which it has passed. Also _*figurative*_ and in
figurative contexts.

12. a kind of coarse canvas made of hemp woven with warps and wefts of
double or treble thread, apparently introduced into England from Brittany,
and used in the manufacture of sails, garments, etc.

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