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The Tapcis Community lives on!

You didn't really think the Tapcis Forum would ever die, now, did you? Really? No Tapcis Q&A? No "Snow Tires -- 2 or 4?" No Parlor? No Section 8? (No mauve saran wrap? No dragon?) Please... Nothing as minor as losing its old home could keep this group down!

Exit HMI, enter The TapcisForum, and the Tapcis Community lives on. No Compuserve. No AOL. Just the colleagues and acquaintances who have become friends over the years. And, we hope, new friends we have yet to meet.

You'll find your favorite forums in the links to the left. Registration is required to use any of the forums, and, as before, you'll need to ask for access to the private forums. There's a FAQ to help you find your way around.

So come on in, pull up a chair, get reacquainted with the dragon and with friends, old and new.

And yes, as a matter of fact, you can get your Tapcis questions answered too.

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